Some site updates

We’re in the process of upgrading to Debian 11 (bullseye). If you come across any issues, feel free to raise them on the -social IRC channel on oftc (also accessible via Matrix) and we’ll look into it as soon as we have a chance.

We’re aware that live streaming isn’t currently working on our PeerTube instance, we have had some issues with this relatively new feature before, although at the moment we seem to be affected by upstream issue #4390.

New PeerTube plugins

We’ve enable the following new plugins on


Upstream page:

This plugin allows authentication using This will now be the preferred form of login, and we won’t create any further local accounts.


Upstream page:

This is a very new and basic annotations plugin, but it works.

To add annotations to your videos, go to the edit page for your video, click on Plugin settings and then you’ll be able to add annotations for the video.

The format is:

0 --> 10
Hello world, this is an annotation! And will be displayed in the first 10 seconds

10 --> 20
This annotation will display at the 10th second until the 20th second.

For more information and examples, visit the upstream page above.

Newly plumbed Matrix rooms

The following new rooms have been plumbed and are linked to their IRC counterparts on IRC:

  • debci
  • debian-android-tools
  • debian-backports
  • debian-bugs
  • debian-buildd
  • debian-games
  • debian-java
  • debian-mirrors
  • debian-puppet
  • debian-security
  • debian-uk
  • debian-women
  • debian-www
  • freedombox
  • freedombox-dev

To request a new plumbed room, file an issue on salsa and select the “add-matrix-plumbed-room” template.

New plumbed Matrix rooms

The following rooms on are now also plumbed to their IRC counterparts on oftc:

  • debian-mentors
  • debian-newmaint
  • debian-qa
  • debian-quebec
  • debian-release
  • debian-fediverse
  • debian-devel
  • debian-til
  • minidebconf-online